August 12, 2015

Video Content Creation Services

Let’s face it: sometimes words just aren’t enough. At Compelling Content Solutions, our professional script writing services and video content writers help create artful, high-quality videos for corporate and promotional purposes including commercials, voiceovers, PSAs, presentations, and everything in between. Video is the ultimate storytelling device; don’t just tell people about your product or idea, show them! Compelling Content Solutions offers several services to help bring your video content goals to life.

Video Script Writing

Regardless of the size and scope of your video goals, if you don’t have a well-written script, the video won’t succeed in delivering your message. That’s where we come in. We approach video script writing in a way that’s different from other content we write. We understand that, to be effective, our scriptwriters need to think in colorful images and produce evocative word imagery that’s just as captivating as the video itself. Compelling Content Solutions specializes in creative, brand-enhancing video script writing for commercial, voiceovers, and public service announcements. We work with you and your vision to ensure the script and video align seamlessly. The end goal is that viewers understand the information presented and receive your message loud and clear.

Custom White Board Video Creation

Sometimes the best way to express a complicated thought or idea is to draw it out for people to see. Compelling Content Solutions specializes in creating high-quality, custom white board videos. White board videos make complex systems or concepts more digestible by presenting the material plainly on a white board, usually while a person explains what he’s drawing. It’s a captivatingly simple yet convincing way to show an idea rather than merely writing it.

Whether we write the whiteboard script or produce the entire video, we help take complicated ideas and turn them into something that’s easy to understand. Custom white board videos look great on websites and do well when shared across various media channels. Our professional team will help you conceptualize the video, write a compelling script, and produce a top-quality video that you can use again and again. Video content doesn’t have to be complicated—let us make it perfectly simple with a custom white board video.

Keynote Presentation Creation

Keynote presentations are long-format slideshows that can include text, sound, graphics, animation, and video. Whether you need to walk people through a step-by-step process, or you’re are planning a live presentation in front of an audience, having a well-prepared and outlined Keynote presentation can be a lifesaver.

In addition to being every bit as dynamic as video, Keynote allows viewers to move at their own paces. For live Keynote Presentations, the presenter’s interface keeps him/her ahead of the slides, on topic, and on time. Compelling Content Solutions can help you conceptualize, outline, create a script, and produce the entire presentation from end to end. When you’re ready to present, you can rest assured that the information will be the shortest distance to your point—in a straight line.

For more information on our professional script writing services and video content production, contact CCS today!