November 4, 2015

Social Media Content Writing Services

When it comes to establishing or maintaining your social media presence, having your office manager post random content to Facebook and other channels just won’t do. Smart business owners know that to drive traffic to their website, they need intelligent and compelling social media content.

Social media marketing is key to cultivating and maintaining client and customer relationships.

Social media marketing in 2015 has changed from the early days of catchall updates. We at CCS know this, and we have the best writers for the job. Each of our social media writers has a sharp eye for language, style and content. Our writers will create and curate content specific to your industry.

With a smart social media strategy in place, you can start to see ROI, engage current and potential customers, and drive traffic to your website.


Facebook is much more than memes and personal updates. The right content will engage current and potential customers, drive direct customer interactions, and convert potential clients into paying clients.

By creating well-written posts with a specific call to action, our writers will help you establish a leading online presence. Our expert writers also have the ability to curate content from other meaningful sources that drives conversation between you and your followers, turning leads into paying clients.


Potential clients and customers flock to Instagram for engaging, shareable visual content. Photos, infographics and memes are excellent tools for reaching younger customers in the 18-35 demographic. Our social media team will help you leverage your social presence with outstanding visual content that will bring clients to your website.


LinkedIn is the go-to B2B social media platform for busy people. Our social media writers can create or update your LinkedIn profile and company page along with creating engaging and meaningful content on your behalf. A solid social media marketing strategy on LinkedIn will generate customer traffic and spark conversation with leaders in your industry.


Google+ is a popular platform for both B2B and B2C interactions. Our writers will craft meaningful and engaging content including status updates, shared content and links, and shareable visual content on behalf of your business.

Look To Us To Get The Job Done

At CSS, we take social media seriously. Our team of social media writers has the skills to create concise, original social media copy. We understand the importance of clean, intelligent, and well-timed social media releases.

Our writers know how to drive engagement, generate online interactions and drive traffic to your website—all via your social media channels.

Social media marketing allows you to interact directly with established and prospective clients in real time. Our team of experts will create the content that will spark engagement and interaction. You’ll notice the difference in your website and traffic and your ROI.

Social media is much more than status updates, excessive hashtags and random links. Check out our Social Media Packages, or contact us today to see how we can help you maximize your business’s online presence.