July 10, 2016

Copywriting Services | Digital Marketing Copywriters for Hire

copywriting servicesWhether it’s blogging and landing pages or editing and product descriptions, our traditional and digital copywriters are on deck to provide you with full-service, full-scale copywriting services for any industry, ad channel, or medium.

Digital Marketing Writing

From captivating webpages that tell your story to blogs that make a statement, CCS offers digital copywriting for a variety of industries. Our copywriters live, breathe, and sleep remarkable content. From legal and luncheonettes to apparel and automotive, we’ve got you covered.


Take your blog to the next level! Our handpicked bloggers will keep the conversation going with engaging and informative content. From creating an editorial calendar to crafting calls-to-action that actually work, count on CCS to give your blog the content facelift it needs for a refreshed, revamped look and feel.

Web Page Writing

We are experts at our craft. Allow us to get the job done by writing a web page that turns visitors into repeat customers. We’ll capture their attention and invite them to purchase your products or services through tantalizing tales they can’t resist.

Landing Page Writing

Landing pages showcase one aspect of your brand. Having powerful landing pages associated with each aspect of your company drives sales and increases revenue. CCS offers compelling content that puts individual components of your biz in the spotlight, sewing a seamless story that helps customers understand the big picture.

Product Descriptions

From shoes to sofas, our copywriters have what it takes to get your products noticed. Whether you dig straightforward or stylistic descriptions, we’ll write descriptions that are cohesive to your brand.

Traditional Copywriting

Print ads, brochures, press releases, taglines, flyers, and advertorials – we do it all. No matter what channel you use, we’ll deliver awesome content that is easy to digest. On time and on brand tone, our copywriting services deliver.


Hemingway once said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” Don’t worry, we do both without the brewskies!

Leave the nitty-gritting of grammar and spelling to us. With painstaking attention to detail and a mastery of the written word, we’ll make your words polished and perfect. CCS offers proofreading, copyediting, and full line editing.

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8 Things To Look For When Hiring A Copywriting Services Agency

Copywriting is an investment—you’re putting faith into your copywriting services agency to deliver the best results, and if all goes well, it will exceed your expectations. Take a peek at the eight different signs of a proper copywriting service that you should be on the lookout for:

8. Ability to Adapt

Nothing changes faster than marketing. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, and so on. Many companies think of taking copywriting into their own hands, only to realize that it’s not panning out. There’s strategy, and the next item on our list that are both involved: SEO.

7. SEO Knowhow

SEO isn’t as simple as it used to be. With Google controlling almost 80% of the search engine activity, (hence why nobody ever says “Let me Bing that”), their SEO rules are make or break for any industry and business looking to get proper visibility. These rules change at the drop of a hat. Nobody knows when; even market analysts try to predict Google’s movements and how they chance the function of SEO on their search engine, but nobody can really see it coming. You don’t want your copywriting service agency to need a “bounce back” period. SEO knowhow and the ability to adapt go hand-in-hand.

6. Pricing That Doesn’t Break the Bank

You’re looking for a steady ROI—you wouldn’t venture into a business decision without it—the introductory cost and monthly cost shouldn’t destroy your funding to accommodate your needs. While most of the leading copywriting services companies out there can and do charge obscene amounts, Compelling Content Solutions actually cares about your business, and your success. Copywriting is great, but it’s not the end of the line: there’s a human element that changes the game.

5. Research

Your copywriting service agency of choice may not know your industry going into an arrangement, but they’ll know it inside and out, front to back by the time they craft your piece. It’s ludicrous to say that any content solution company is going to know every single industry and be able to produce copy. Honesty is a hot—and rare—commodity; when your content solution company says, “I’m not aware of the intricacies of your industry, but I’ll learn so that it won’t be a problem,” you know you’ve chosen the right team for the job.

4. Honesty

The worst thing is working with someone that you don’t believe is being honest with you. When you’re able to admit that there’s a hiccup or an issue, you garner trust. When there’s a question that needs to be asked way past due, you ask it anyway. The point is, a great copywriting service isn’t going to be 100% perfect—it’s going to strive for it, and hope to hit every single mark, even if it has its issues. This is just another facet of the golden rule of adapting to marketing trends and what people are reading.

3. Industry Intelligence

Copywriting services is an industry in and of itself. It’s changing on a constant basis and it may feel like the ground is pulling out from beneath your feet. A good copywriting company is fully shielded, ready to adapt and react to every situation that comes their way. The industry evolves, and good copywriters will evolve with it, testing the tried-and-true styles and takes on copywriting to propel your business into the spotlight that it deserves.

2. Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

Tight turnaround times aren’t exactly easy, but they exist for a reason—you need your content and traffic now. There’s a stigma on companies that can output content quickly. Those same people throwing accusations around are the ones who’ve never been in a newsroom. It’s chaos. No newspaper editor has ever said, “Oh, it’s not ready yet? That’s okay, we’ll wait to report the breaking news.” Deadlines matter; they’re the backbone of the business aspect behind great copywriters, which brings us to our star attribute that you should be looking for in a content solution agency.

1. How They Hire Copywriters

It isn’t just enough to put out an ad and find a copywriter. There are tons of writers out there, but that doesn’t mean there are a bunch of qualified writers for the task at hand. Copywriting services agencies have very specific requirements and reservations about copywriters who exhibit negative attributes. The best copywriters aren’t out there—they’re with us at Compelling Content Solutions.

You’re looking at a copywriting service that seeks to hire copywriters that meet a specific caliber. Your audience is specific, your time is valuable. Allow us to handle the copywriting and drive traffic while you lean back and grin at your ROI. Contact Compelling Content Solutions today. From expert writers to content specialists, we’ve got you covered.