Writing For The Web Should Still Be Structured: Here’s A Quick Guide

article writing for the webWriting for the web requires the structure any other piece of written work does to captivate and hold the target audience. Make writing web copy a little easier on yourself by putting the following tips into practice. Whether you have been writing web content for years or are relatively new to the process, keeping a few helpful tips in mind is always a good idea.

The Beginning

Think of writing web copy as writing a three-act play. It requires a beginning, middle, and end just like any good story, and is the first and most basic step in online copywriting. The introduction to your piece should establish your premise and provide the foundation for the middle and end. It discusses a concept or idea and what could be changed or improved for the better. You need something to draw the reader in, not just a few short sentences that barely gets your idea across.

The Middle

The middle of your post sells the audience on whatever you are talking about, which is generally a product, service, or something very much related to said product or service. Your “problem” or concept needs development to keep your post strong. Use references and resources whenever possible to support the idea.

The End

The end is something many in the online copywriting world skip assuming they don’t need to write a weak call-to-action that abruptly ends the post. Develop your ending so it shows your audience why your product, service, or related idea is not only important, but something they should look into or consider.

Make Writing for The Web Pop & Fizz

Structuring the beginning, middle, and end of your post is basic story structure, requiring a sprinkling of fairy dust to keep your readers intrigued. When writing for the web, take a cue from fiction writers who pepper their work with suspense, or other stories that keep audiences turning the pages and tuning in. Make the reader wonder what is going to happen next, and provide the solution to the issue at hand near the end of your post.

Hopefully these tips help…and make your articles more compelling!

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