How to Perform a Website Content Analysis Quickly and Effectively

web content manager analyticsDoing website content analysis isn’t a lot of fun to most people. It’s probably a task that you keep postponing, especially when you’re trying to do your annual time-consuming audit of your content. However, taking the time to analyze your content is necessary to be sure your content is delivering results.

The good news is there is a way to perform analysis of your website content quickly and effectively. Using a condensed version of your in-depth analysis, you can determine what content is performing best on a regular basis.

What’s Involved in a Condensed Website Content Analysis

This shortened analysis of your content isn’t meant to replace the thorough analysis that you might do on an annual basis. The idea is if you take the time to check what you are doing and what is working and not working on a regular basis, you’ll be able to make any needed changes in your strategy.

By doing content analysis on a monthly basis, you will:

  • Become clearly aware of what strategies are working and which need to be changed
  • Address problems before they have a long-term impact on your goals
  • Make your annual content analysis easier because you’re taking the time to evaluate your content monthly

Steps to Take for a Quick Content Analysis

Start by identifying what are the most important metrics that need to be looked at. For example, you may want to measure traffic, engagement, aspects of your SEO strategy or conversion data. You can evaluate the same metrics each month, or you can pick different ones in different months.

Create a spreadsheet listing the URL and title of each page, what metrics are being evaluated, how you would grade or score that metric and any comments or notes that you would like to add. Choose 30 or 40 pages to give you an idea about trends and use analytics tools to gather the needed data, such as Google Analytics.

Look for Trends

Look for trends in the data you have gathered together. Are you getting the most traffic to pages on certain topics? Grade your content based on which pages are performing the best and which are performing the worst. If you are looking at two or three different metrics, are there pages that are performing poorly for all of them?

Content that isn’t doing well may need to be rewritten to be better quality or to include more up-to-date information. Content that is performing well may need to be promoted more to bring in more traffic.

Benefits of Frequently Analyzing Your Content

By doing a quick website content analysis, you can come up with some actionable steps to do right away. You’ll have a better idea what changes you need to make to your content marketing strategy, and since you’re in the habit of frequently analyzing your site, doing your annual audit will be no problem.

Content development services take discipline and commitment. If you need help with your website analysis or content development, get in touch with Compelling Content Solutions.