Tips From Blog Marketing Services: 8 Ideas For Developing Great Content

blog marketing servicesBlog marketing services are crucial to any brand’s growth. Posts need to be executed properly, and follow a certain design. A mindless, pointless blog post is a one-way ticket to ensure that a viewer either doesn’t remember your brand, or avoids it entirely in the future. Blog marketing services rely on creative ideas to work. Here are some tips on unique article content creation:

1. Curate Related Work

A surefire way to mimic popular brand success, curating work is all about making related information your own. Curating articles gets a bad reputation, when in reality, it’s the same thing as utilizing citations and sources. Properly curating pieces can help identify your brand.

2. Talk to Your Readers

Marketing data and analytics (what works vs. what doesn’t) are all well and good, but directly asking your readers what they think, what they’re looking for, etc., can be an effective way to build brand loyalty through content, while ensuring repeat visitors. Consumers enjoy feeling appreciated. If they’re commenting on your posts, they’re already engaged. Now you just need to hold their attention.

3. Interviews: Use Someone Else’s Knowledge

Interviewing has proven to be fantastic for a few reasons: you’re borrowing someone else’s knowledge, which they’re displaying in an open forum for your readers. This also means that readers are more likely to click/view interviews – they want information from actual experts, not just people who say they’re experts.

4. Open up Contribution Writing

One of the most popular websites in the world is Forbes. There are some writers on there who have submitted over 100 articles in their days, and never received a penny. If someone wants to be a contributor for backlinks and wants to maintain a bit of notoriety, they can benefit from this immensely.

5. Develop a Whitepaper

While they’re a little more in-depth than your standard content, they attract serious

people. 100 views on a whitepaper will beat 1,000 views on a blog post, every single time. Use it as a cornerstone that repeatedly leads to your blog posts. Before you know it, you have one resource that branches off into other aspects of your website.

6. Share Failures

Honesty is one of the strongest forms of marketing. If you’re open and honest about something, consumers will listen and respect that. Mention what you’ve done that has not worked in the past. Potential clients want to know what to avoid just as much as they want to know what to strive for, so let them hear it.

7. Down Memory Lane

Did you start out from the ground floor? Did you come from rags to riches? People seriously enjoy honest tales about trials and tribulations that led you to where you are now. This is compelling, and often garners a lot of responses.

8. Recycle

Take a look at old posts that did well, and take a new spin on them. Your own content has worked before, so why not expand on those ideas to attract new readers, or bring old readers back for more?

Hire Content Creators or Blog Marketing Services

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