Unique Social Media Content Creation Ideas to Promote Blog Articles

website content for social mediaAt one time, social media content creation was as simple as writing a well-written blog post, pasting the link with a related image and sharing it on social media to bring in more traffic.

It’s not quite that simple anymore. You need different ways of promoting your blog content on social media without having to pay for it. It’s time to get a little more creative with your social media strategies.

What’s Changed in the World of Social Media Content Creation?

Social media posts that generate a lot of discussion aren’t usually just a headline with a link anymore. The approach that is bringing more and more engagement is live video. While videos in general are more likely to catch the interest of your target audience than a simple link, live videos generate even more engagement and interest.

Live video is one of the most underused forms of content promotion on Facebook and other forms of social media. Daily watch time on Facebook live is growing rapidly, and the number of comments on a live video is dramatically higher than on standard content. Live stream is also being utilized on Twitter and Instagram.

Other Ideas for Promoting Blog Articles

Even if you don’t utilize live streaming as a method of promoting your content, standard videos are another way to draw much more attention than a text-only post or a post of text with an image. Short video clips based your latest blog post and posted on Facebook can drive interest and engagement, leading to plenty of views, comments and shares.

If you’re not accustomed to promoting content via videos, a social media copywriter can write an engaging video script and get you started using video as part of your blog promotion. A short video is a method of getting viewers to click to your site and read the entire post.

What About Instagram and Snapchat?

Instagram is another channel you should consider to promote your content. With millions of users every month, don’t miss the opportunity to get your content in front of Instagram users by utilizing their Stories feature. Share your latest blog post on your Instagram feed as a new post, then turn it into an Instagram story. Link to your blog using the “See more” feature.

Snapchat is another form of social media to utilize in your content promotion efforts. Even though there are less users on Snapchat than some other forms of social media, it is one of the most effective platforms for getting users to engage. Promote your blog posts using the Story feature to give viewers a short clip of your post.

Get Creative with Your Blog Promotion Efforts

It’s time to get creative with your social media content creation. A boring approach won’t result in engagement or increased traffic, but a little creativity can make a big difference.

If you need a social media copywriter or help with your content creation efforts, contact Compelling Content Solutions. We can help get your message across and ensure you get uniquely creative with your promotion strategies.