What Is SEO Writing? The 3 Main Ingredients

What is SEO writing?

what is seo writing

It’s the first question we hear from business owners and site developers new to search engine optimization: What is SEO Writing? Well, the question is best answered by digital marketing agencies and SEO copywriting services; but many are not always so efficient in the explanation.

In a VERY basic nutshell, SEO writing is copywriting for the web designed and formatted to rank on search engines by using keywords and keyword phrases in very specific ways. Proper keyword research and keyword placement comprise the main difference between SEO writing and all other forms of digital content writing. So, what are the main ingredients making up SEO writing pie?

Whether you’re new to SEO yourself, or you’re a digital agency looking for help in most easily and quickly explaining SEO to new clients, here are 3 explanations that might help.

Ingredient #1: The Right Keywords

Keywords are words and phrases people use in their internet searches. If you were looking for an article about cat care, for example, you would probably type in “cat care,” yes? Any articles with the words “cat care” would subsequently appear in your search results, as the phrase tells Google, Bing, and other search engines that such articles help those looking for cat care advice. Incorporating keywords is sometimes a challenge, as they can interfere with good writing and make the post seem more like a sales pitch. SEO copywriting services continually strive to avoid this issue and place keywords in articles without disrupting flow.

Ingredient #2: The Right Title

Attention-worthy titles are the second SEO writing ingredient, as even the best articles are not going to receive the attention they deserve if the titles are not compelling. Titles generally feature the post’s main keyword, preferably at the beginning of the title to help search engines notice them. SEO titles also typically include odd numbers, such as “3 Helpful Vampire Makeup Tips,” to grab and hold the reader’s attention.

Ingredient #3: The Right Format

The final ingredient playing a vital role in SEO development is format. Long paragraphs with little to no formatting is not something search engines reward; rather, they look for content that is broken up into digestible pieces. Short paragraphs under paragraph headers and numbered or bulleted lists are among favorite formulas, with use of H2 and H3 formatting for the subleaders.

SEO writing does not have to be difficult. It is simply about using the right keywords and creating easy-to-read, engaging posts.

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