How Can SEO Article Writing Attract Readers? 3 Helpful Tips

seo article writingTo many, SEO article writing is pretty much a task of keyword implementation…and that’s it. Yet, the best SEO copy is that which engages readers and keeps them entertained, in addition to proper keyword placement. If you are feeling stuck with your latest online copywriting endeavors, do not fret. Use the following tips to craft the perfect SEO articles your audience will love:

Do Not Be Afraid Of “Emotional” SEO Article Writing

Just because you are selling a product or service does not mean the copy has to be static and stagnant. While landing pages and web pages usually call for more professional tones, you can feel free to add a little emotion to blogs and social media posts. More personal, emotional writing is a great way to capture reader attention and make your article more relatable. An emotional piece of work–whatever that work is–triggers emotional responses in the readers/viewers…and often compels them to buy.

Keep The Keywords Natural

No matter what, keep keyword implementation natural. This is an SEO article writing tip that cannot. Be. Emphasized. Enough. Keywords that literally look like they have been stuffed into the article with no real rhyme or reason are not going to win you fans or followers, because it makes the piece same like a blatant advertisement instead of a helpful article that provides value to the reader. Do not worry if you have to use the singular or the plural of your keywords to make them sound natural, simply ensure that they do.

Remember To Create A Compelling Call-To-Action

A compelling call-to-action is one that again triggers an emotional response in the reader. Do not be afraid to use clever wording or add a specific deal or discount the reader will be hard-pressed to pass up. Whatever you do, avoid the “For more information, click here” option. It will not do much!

Keep these tips in mind going forward with SEO article writing…and enjoy the results.

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