How To Sell Your Content Marketing Service To Agency Clients

content writing on budgetOf course, everyone at your marketing company understands the value of hiring a content creation agency to help develop robust content ideas and copywriting initiatives for client brands. Then why haven’t you positioned yourself not just as a digital marketing agency, but also as a content writing services provider? In other words, how does your agency begin to sell itself as a content marketing service, in addition to being a provider of more traditional digital marketing services, like SEO and SEM? In the emerging world of content marketing, it’s about time your agency increases revenue potential and positions itself as a leader in the digital content field. So, convincing your clients just how important content is to their marketing campaigns will be key.

Here are a two main selling points you can use in your pitch.

Proper Content Marketing Generates Leads

In the world of content marketing and SEO, agencies have begun to appreciate the value of longer pieces. When an agency suggests a client produce an e-book or a long article (more than 2000 words), it’s important to explain how this piece could boost website traffic as part of a comprehensive content marketing service. Now, looking at the numbers, only a small percentage of those visitors to any single post will become paying customers. However, clients can use that same piece of content to greater advantage if they position it as “gated content”.

Gated content is free content, but visitors must enter their contact information on the site to access it. If the client presents an e-book as gated content, for example, then every person who downloads it will become a lead. These leads generate valuable marketing lists, to which re-marketing can deem even greater sales results, whether from email campaigns to social media promotions. Through valuable gated content, your clients’ web sites should not only attract more readers through organic search, but also more customer relationships and ultimately conversions. This should be a key selling point when offering content marketing services to clients.

A Content Marketing Service Does More Than Just Generate Content

Simply developing content is not all there is to content marketing. In fact, you should explain to clients that content creation is only about one fifth of what a content marketing service ought to be doing. The rest of the time, the agency is promoting the content, capturing leads, analyzing results, and optimizing efforts.

Content promotion takes many forms, and deciding which ones to pursue forms the basis of a well-designed content marketing strategy. From posting on social media to trading links with relevant blogs, getting your clients’ content noticed is, of course, as important as simply uploading it to their sites. So, explain this to clients: that whether they are building content or using your agency to do so on their behalf, only a well-trained, professional content marketing agency has the capacity to robustly promote, analyze, and optimize content. Plus, understanding the timing and placement of new content can promote their business as much as the content itself can.

Even though writing content is only about 20 percent of content marketing, it requires a great deal of time and skill. That’s why digital marketing agencies that don’t employ a roster of in-house copywriters, are making a good investment when they work with content development companies to produce high quality content for their clients’ sites. Compelling Content Solutions produces quality written content for many different industries and audiences. Agencies can also rely on Compelling Content Solutions to implement parts of the agencies’ strategies, such as posting to and optimizing on client sites for best search results. Contact Compelling Content Solutions to help provide your clients with the best content on the web.