Sales Copy And Keywords: What’s Important For Content Marketing

writing content keywordsProviding your target audience with fresh content related to your business is important. Now, you do not want to inundate them with sales copy ad nauseum. However, sales copywriting and the keywords that go with them are still essential pieces of your marketing pie. You need consumers to know what you have to offer and why they should purchase your products and services over the competition. So, let’s two important elements when it comes to writing sales copy:

High-Converting Keywords = The Right Traffic

Keyword search volume used to be paramount to digital strategy. However, in today’s ever-changing world, high-converting keywords are probably more important. Long-tail keywords are great options, as they are more relevant and specific to what your customers are searching for. For example, if a consumer is looking for stores that sell white ballet slippers in Philadelphia, PA, they are not going to type in “ballet slippers” or even “white ballet slippers.” What they will search is “White ballet slippers in Philadelphia” or “Where can I buy white ballet slippers in Philadelphia?” Optimizing your site for long-tail keywords is therefore an ideal move, because you will acquire the right traffic and deal with less keyword competition. Longer keywords have much less competition than their shorter counterparts.

Relevant, Highly-Unique Keywords Also Improve Sales Copy

Sales copywriting also gets a much-needed boost from keywords relevant to your specific brand. The best long-tail keywords are only as powerful as their relevance to you. Additionally, the differentiation factor plays a substantial role in sales copy success. Highly-unique keywords, for example, may seem like low search volume prospects, but they also can get you buyers whenever they are searched for. Nice, right? Focus on such keywords, so long as they are relevant, to give your copy the extra oomph it needs in driving traffic and conversions.

Remember, high search volume is not the keyword be-all, end-all anymore. Keep this in mind when writing your sales copy. Or work with the expert copywriters at Compelling Content Solutions for the best possible copy and keyword strategy.