The Psychology of Content Marketing: 4 Tips to Improve Copywriting Skills

psychology content copywriting skillsPsychological principles govern all successful marketing tactics because all purchases result from some combination of cognition and emotion. Hence, being aware of these principles is invaluable to marketing writing, whether you are crafting the latest blog, web page, social media post, email, or landing page. And don’t worry, using psychology to hone your copywriting skills isn’t some kind of trick you’re playing on consumers; rather, it is a way to improve the user experience and help the right prospects become loyal customers.

But how do you turn psychological concepts into real-world, actionable marketing tactics that result in better copywriting? Read on, and use the following insights as necessary for conversion-happy content. All will help you learn copywriting skills for more effective brand enhancement.

1) SIMPLICITY: Make it Easy

Recent studies indicate that some humans may have shorter attention spans than goldfish. That’s right…goldfish. So, your goal is to create engaging content that holds readers’ attention without appearing too complicated. Consumers decide whether to stay on a website faster than an eye blink, making cognitive fluency a content must. Emojis and images, for example, are your copywriting friends, whether you are writing the latest tweet or blog post.

If your product or service is on the complex side, explain it in the most basic way possible. Make your social media points short and to-the-point, and your call-to-actions abundantly clear. Focus on one topic at a time for your blog posts, videos, and web pages, and take advantage of attention-grabbing images and infographics. Input keywords into branded links, and don’t forget about hashtags.

2) TRUST: Provide The Proof

Checking other customer reviews is nothing new; and in today’s ever-expanding marketplace world, it’s practically a buying must. Over two-thirds of consumers trust the word of family, friends, co-workers, and total strangers over brand advertising, which brings us to the principle of social proof.

Demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness with social proof, such as case studies and testimonials. Encourage your loyal fans to pepper your Facebook and Yelp pages with reviews, and routinely reach out to and work with known influencers. Promote earned media whenever you can, such as the latest outstanding review of your newest product.

3) FAMILIARITY: Draw On What Users Expect To See

The human brain may need change, but it craves routine. So while doing the unexpected is still a good thing, it’s important to also provide users with what they expect to see. For example, a simple “buy now” button is recognizable and inspires action. If you have ever gone on a website looking for something specific, you have experienced the psychological principle of perceptual set theory.

What does this mean for your marketing writing? It means avoiding over-explanations, including clear and obvious calls-to-action, and ensuring your landing pages flow in a logical way that both pique curiosity and satisfy expectations.

4) Use Color Wisely

The psychology of color is a very interesting field. People associate blue with feelings of calm and creativity, while red is the color of passion and energy. Green symbolizes growth, renewal, life, and the natural world. Recent studies indicate people judge new products within the first 90 seconds of seeing it, and the vast majority of that judgment is based solely off its hue.

Increase your copywriting skills by using color to convey the emotion connected to the product or service. Keep your colors consistent to better identify your brand in consumers’ minds, and encourage buying urgency with yellow, orange, and red CTA buttons. These buttons’ colors should always contrast to the website so they stand out to your consumers.

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