Promote Website Content with These 6 Strategies

website content for social mediaIf getting your website content in front of a larger audience is high on your marketing to-do list, you need a solid strategy. With the following content marketing tips, you ought to gain more site traffic, greater conversions, and both a whole lot quicker.

Strategy #1: Make Your Website Content Visually Appealing

Blog posts and web pages featuring text only or lackluster stock images are not going to have the effect you might garner with visually stimulating content. Humans are visual creatures and thus much more likely to read and share a post if it features high-resolution, engaging images that help tell the story. The next time you are brainstorming about blog promotion ideas, ensure every piece you craft includes at least one relevant, centrally featured image and perhaps even a few additional images that support your topic. Go a step further with a GIF, meme, infographic, video, or other interactive/animated embed.

Strategy #2: Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Search engine optimization guidelines may appear to change every week; however, the foundations of SEO remain the same. Optimize your blog posts, web pages, and other website content by identifying a target keyword as well as a few longtail variations to add to your post. Use tools such as Answer the Public and BuzzSomo to discover what’s trending on your topic, come up with great title tags, write accurate Meta descriptions, crosslink with other relevant content, and measure with an SEO tool like Yoast before publishing.

Strategy #3: Use Organic & Paid Promotion On Social Media

Social media remains a powerful marketing tool. Combine organic with paid promotion across your platforms to get more out of your website content. Create posts based on where you would share them, network with influencers in your industry, and develop a paid search reach on the channels your target audience uses most.

Strategy #4: Keep Up With Social

Once you have cemented your paid and organic social media marketing strategies, share and boost the posts for an even greater effect. For example, you could publish organic posts featuring trackable short links, teasers, and engaging images on your social media channels and enhance the most popular posts with paid amplification like Facebook boosts.

Strategy #5: Take Advantage Of Your Email List

Email is another avenue for your blog promotion ideas, but emails do require a little refinement to enjoy the best results. Start by writing attention-grabbing headlines and using A/B tests to optimize your campaigns. Follow by sectioning your subscriber list so you target only those segments who will get the most value from particular topics. Other ideas include using the RSS-to-email feature for blog delivery automation and making certain your email formats are simple, clean, and easy to follow.

Strategy #6: Spread The Good Word

Increasing any blog post’s reach and impact also depends on spreading the news. Write guest blog posts that link back to your site; include blog posts in upcoming company newsletters; share posts directly with high-powered influencers; and encourage your team to do their part, such as sharing posts on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Remember, website content promotion never stops. Make changes to any posts that are not receiving the most traffic, keep up with influencers, stay on top of analytics monitoring, and otherwise expand your brand reach as much as humanly possible with likes, email follow-ups, and other remarketing strategies. You can also work with the content marketing experts at Compelling Content Solutions to give your content the boost it needs. Contact us today!