Professional Writing Services’ 3 Tips For Creating Guest Blogs

writing web contentWriting guest blogs is among the professional writing services that will never go out of style. Guest blog assignments are part of almost every content marketing writer’s life. These blogs provide clients with a slew of cool benefits, including brand exposure, SEO link juice, improved reputation, and increased authority. If you are about to pen your first guest blog, use the following tips to make it pop:

Tip #1: Read Those Guidelines

Conforming to the guest blog guidelines is the first step in crafting the right article. It is also a big time-saver, as you will not have to spend precious minutes reworking the piece to the blogger’s satisfaction. Most guest blog guidelines include information about the style and tone, as well as the format, images, links, and word count. You will also likely have to write a quick byline about yourself and find a headshot-like photo.

Tip #2: Make It Flow

A critical element of the guest blog—or any blog—is flow. Making your post flow by connecting your tips or ideas is essential to keeping the reader engaged. Your post should read like someone talking, only a bit more organized. Flow also refers to the actual structure, which should be SEO-friendly in your case. Think bullet lists, short paragraphs, and appropriately-used H1, H2, and H3 header tags.

Tip #3: Get Help from Professional Writing Services

Letting your expertise shine through your post using the story-data-example combination is another key content marketing writer tip. The story is often the meat of your post, as it explains how you did it, whatever “it” is. Data, such as relevant statistics or studies, backs up your story. And the example is the final product or service. Often, professional writers can help with this process, so it may pay to employ a writing service if you want to save time.

Use these tips wisely…and see if you don’t get more content writing effect! Learn more about professional writing services or the content writers for hire at Compelling Content Solutions today.