How Online Writing Services Should Use Data To Improve Marketing

web content manager analyticsThese days, more and more companies are turning to online writing services to generate web page content for their business websites. When ordering copywriting services for websites, though, it is important to think in a scientific way. Having grammatically correct content that relates in some way to the subject matter of your site is the bare minimum. Paying for splashy gimmicks and catchy slogans is usually a waste of money. You need to think like a scientist in your content marketing strategy, specifically, a data scientist.

What Are Data Scientists, and How Can They Help with Online Writing Services?

In the world of marketing, data scientists study mathematical data involving user interaction with websites, as well as the search engine optimization (SEO) performance of those sites. They use their interpretation of the data trends to decide which strategies will give business clients a better return on marketing investment (ROMI) when purchasing online writing services. Sometimes the data can be as specific as individual word choice. For example, data scientists found that more users clicked on a particular e-book when it was labeled as a “guide” than when the same product was labeled as an “e-book.” Clients can use that knowledge to instruct content writers about which terms to use, therefore making the online writing services they buy more profitable.

Three Types of Data Analytics

Data scientists concern themselves primarily with three types of analytics:

  • Descriptive analytics – observing what has happened in the past, allowing you to observe trends
  • Predictive analytics – following the trends in the data in the direction they appear to be going
  • Prescriptive analytics – deciding what you should do, based on the current trends, in order to get the best ROMI

It is easy enough for businesses to collect marketing data. Services like Google Analytics make it easy to see how your website is performing in comparison to other sites. Skillfully interpreting the data to make wise decisions about where to allot your online writing services budget takes more expertise. Professional data scientists have a background in mathematics and technology beyond what most business owners possess. Some highly sophisticated artificial intelligence programs like Watson even engage in the predictive and prescriptive aspects of data science.

Should You Hire a Data Scientist or Just Think Like One?

All business owners can benefit from taking a mathematical approach to thinking about marketing. General information about best practices for marketing is also widely available. Reading blogs and watching videos about marketing strategy and SEO is better than nothing, but if you are really serious about improving your ROMI, it isn’t enough. There is not a one-size-fits-all strategy that works for every business, which is why specific data is so important.

Hiring data scientists who are skilled in using the newest data collection and analysis tools is a great investment for your business. However, this can be laborious and quite expensive. That’s why it pays to hire a content marketing company who understands the technical side of content strategy. Compelling Content Solutions offers data-driven content marketing services to help you develop an analytics-based marketing strategy for your business. Contact us today for help with your content marketing efforts.