Improve Lead Generation with Content Marketing: 5 Tips

digital content sales funnelWhen it comes to generating leads and improving sales, content marketing remains one of the most viable options. Content marketing produces up to three times more leads than outbound marketing and costs significantly less. Whether you are new to the content world or simply want to revamp your current marketing strategy, use these tips to improve lead generation with content marketing.

Tip #1: The Webinar Factor

Webinars provide an invaluable content-based lead generation option that you can take advantage of in several ways. First, those who register for your webinar become “warm leads” from whom you will gather data such as how long they watched your material, what parts were viewed most, etc. Second, you can use a 30- or 60-minute webinar to create a series of short videos to send to your email list, influencers, and affiliates. You may also have enough content to create PDFs or eBooks that work well as special offers, such as “Sign up for our newsletter to receive our new eBook on [x] topic.”

Tip #2: Making Everything Clickable

Sure, your blogs, web pages, and other posts may be the best on the internet, but that is no longer enough in today’s marketing world. Effective lead generation with content marketing requires seriously-precise audience targeting, such as posts geared towards working mothers or teens preparing for college. It also requires funneling your content to your target market at the right time of day using the right platform and providing consumers with a reason to give information that fine-tunes your marketing strategies further. Lead magnets are among the most popular and effective ways to gather consumer info, and may include requiring their email address or profession to unleash locked content.

Tip #3: Something To Do

Content-based lead generation gives consumers “something to do.” It motivates them to purchase a product, sign up for an email list, schedule a service, share a post, add their names to your rewards program, and so on. Your content should always provide consumers with a “next step” that solves whatever query or issue they have. Give them a clear call-to-action.

Tip #4: A Little Nurturing Goes A Long Way

In addition to providing your target audience with valuable content that compels them to act, you’ll need to nurture these leads with reasons to stay loyal to your brand. Ebooks once again provide a valuable resource, as they remind consumers about your brand and provide them with a resource they can refer to. Checklists and worksheets also work well, as do live events. The latter option gives you the opportunity to converse with your audience, offer them free content exclusive to them only, and utilize clips for social media marketing.

Tip #5: Subscribers, Subscribers, Subscribers

Lead generation with content marketing gets a whole lot easier when you have a list of subscribers to pull from. Create content so awesome your consumers have no choice but to subscribe to your newsletter or email list, then nurture their love for your brand with free content and other incentives.

Content marketing is among the things we do best at Compelling Content Solutions. Contact us today to learn what can do for your brand or agency.