A Good Content Marketing Writer Will Utilize These 5 Assets

content marketing writing for the webContent marketing isn’t a one-time deal; we all know this. Having commitment to your strategy is crucial, and if you don’t have that, you need to reassess things. Content marketing is a never-ending fight. You step out of the ring for a brief moment, and before you know it, you’ve lost it all. There are five specific things that a dedicated, excellent content marketing writer will do – if you’ve found the right one.

1. Commitment

Saying, “I’m going to write this really well,” is what every content marketing writer thinks going into their project. The difference between a good writer and a subpar one is the commitment to handle revisions, meet deadlines (or exceed your expectations on them), remain open with communication, and have a genuine interest in the success of the pieces they’re working on.

2. Utilize Strategy

Writing isn’t about just opening up a word document and spraying a bunch of words down. There’s got to be a method to it, or else you’ll fall flat on your face. That method is being strategic: Did this idea work for other markets? How does this compare to the last piece that was written for the client? Analyze, compare, assess, rework – it’s called a writing process for a reason.

3. Setting Reachable Goals

If you have a content marketing writer who is promising you the world and falling short on all accounts, they don’t know how to set reasonable goals. If a writer tells you that they can’t achieve the desired effect or that the strategy needs to be reworked, the piece needs to be a different format, etc., they’re extending their knowledge unto you. That’s invaluable. You need honest writers that give you realistic expectations and meet them.

4. Use of Content Calendars

If you’re not utilizing content calendars, then there’s pending chaos afoot. You need to have some sort of structure; timelines, a place to keep valuable information about the task at hand so you’re not answering repeated emails. A professional copywriter will either suggest this themselves, or contour their workflow to your content calendar and suggest modifications, ways to streamline the process, and any general way it can be improved.

5. Prioritize Creativity

Following orders is a good way to know that your content writer understands their place in the company, that they know where the orders come from, how to fulfill them, etc. However, a writer who can do that and suggest their creative input will not only elevate your brand, but help you stay ahead of the creative curve with how content marketing changes. Content marketers who simply follow directives without much creative input are, unfortunately, a dime a dozen.

Having issues with your content marketing writer?

If they aren’t following [at least] these five fundamentals, then what else are they lacking on? When your workload is too much, or you’re unable to output what your clients need, there’s always Compelling Content Solutions.