How To Create An eBook Landing Page: 8 Critical Elements

ebook landing pageeBooks are a great way to inform potential clients about your product, especially if you are selling a customizable product. For example, it makes sense to hire an eBook writing service if you are selling computers, bicycles, or even custom-made swimwear. All of the above are products that are complex enough to require that buyers make many informed choices before deciding which one they want. Having an informative website helps a lot, but eBooks give you an opportunity to go into more detail and become an expert or authority on the matter. eBooks are an effective way to turn interested window shoppers into buyers. No matter how good your eBook is, though, customers will not read it unless you have an effective eBook landing page.

What Is an eBook Landing Page?

An eBook landing page is the page of your website from which visitors order the eBook. Whether the eBook is free or costs money, visitors to the site must still go through the eBook landing page before they can read the book.

Essential Components of a Successful eBook Landing Page

If you include these eight things in your eBook landing page, you can significantly increase the number of people who buy your eBook:

  1. Headline – The headline of the eBook landing page should be as catchy as the title of the eBook. It should not, however, be identical to the title of the eBook.
  2. Subheading – While catchy is the most important characteristic of the headline, informative is the most important characteristic of the subheading.
  3. Book Description – Describe the subject matter of the book in one paragraph. The paragraph should be informative, not promotional.
  4. List of Benefits – Here is your chance to promote the book. Write a bullet list of things the reader will learn to do by reading the eBook.
  5. Image – The image on the landing page can be the same as the image on the cover of the eBook. They can be different images, though, if you can find two different images that send the right message about your eBook.
  6. Lead Capture Form – It is the form where customers enter their email addresses, which will allow them to receive the eBook. The lead capture form is also what turns page visitors into active leads.
  7. Call to Action – This is the button that visitors press to submit their completed lead capture forms and access the eBook. Rather than something boring like “submit,” it should say something specific to the content of the eBook. For example, it could say, “Read about customizing your bike” or “Design the perfect swimsuit.”
  8. Comments Section – Leave a space for readers to give feedback on your eBook. You should moderate your comments, so that irrelevant junk comments are not visible to visitors.

Just as writing an eBook is a job for skilled writers, so is writing an eBook landing page that will make people want to read your eBook. The writers and content strategists at Compelling Content Solutions are experts in creating both informative eBooks and landing pages that can reliably turn curious visitors into leads. Contact Compelling Content Solutions about writing and promoting eBooks for your business and its products today.