How To Develop Digital Content Creation Ideas

blog digital content creationIf you have ever paid for digital content creation services, you know that it is unwise to turn writers loose with little direction. You might end up with completely incoherent prose. Even if the web content creation you end up with is well written, it might not represent your brand well. The more direction you give writers in terms of copywriting ideas, the better the resulting content will be. It is best if you give them a topic and some guidelines. Here are some tips for blog post ideas to assign to writers or to copywriting agencies so that they can come up with the best content:

Digital Content Creation Should Not Be Repetitive

If you are just starting a blog, then all topics are new to you. If your blog has been around for a while, you should search its archives to make sure it does not already have a post on the same topic that you are thinking of assigning for a new entry. Just because you have covered a topic before on a long-established blog does not make it off-limits. If a new post can expand upon an old one, it is still fair game. Especially given the up-to-the-moment nature of blogs, your new post can fill in the details of what has happened recently in relation to the old topic.

Know Your Audience

Every blog has a unique audience, even blogs on similar topics. You might consider another blog a competitor if it deals with a similar theme or industry, but your readership and theirs don’t overlap 100 percent. Test out digital content creation ideas on your own audience, and see how they react. It’s fine to look at competitors’ blogs for inspiration, but don’t assume that your audience will relate to a post on a particular topic the way that theirs did.

Your Blog Should Have Its Own “Recurring Sketch” Lineup

As your digital content creation develops its own voice, develop a few “recurring sketch” blog posts that you publish periodically. These will follow their own formula, and writers will be able to produce them quickly. Best of all, they are a way of connecting with your audience. Here are some types of posts that could become “recurring sketches” on your blog:

  • Advice columns
  • Reviews of products in your niche
  • News roundups in the form of a set number of short blurbs
  • Interviews with people in your industry
  • Top ten lists

Introduce Old Content to a New Audience

Not all digital content goes out of date. A blog post that simply directs readers to an interesting and relevant article from a few years ago can still attract a good number of clicks and shares.

It is a lot of work to keep generating blog posts that will hold the interest of your audience. Your best choice is to hire professional writers who are tuned into your brand’s voice. Compelling Content Solutions can help you maintain a buzzworthy blog for your business website.