Create Or Buy Content: Either Way, Here’s Why It’s Important

web writingContent marketing is essential to increasing the visibility of your business, as well as customers’ engagement with it. Whether you buy content from a content marketing firm or hire a professional copywriter in-house, regularly producing new content for your business website is the only way to stay relevant in today’s market. More than half of people younger than 50 get their news from the Internet instead of from television. Thus, television advertisements (and online ads that resemble them), with their annoying jingles and complete lack of subtlety, are going the way of the VHS tape, and no one will miss them. With effective content marketing, you can promote your business without advertisements. Your best strategy is to create truthful content that acknowledges the consumer and lets the him or her come to you. Here are some figures that show how much an effective content marketing strategy can boost your sales:

1) Content Marketing Generates More Business as Paid Searches

You might think that it is too expensive to buy content on an ongoing basis. It is actually a much better investment than paid searches.

2) Content Is Cheaper and Much More Effective Than Outbound Marketing

No one likes junk emails full of ads, so it is no surprise that content marketing is three times as effective at generating sales. What you might not know is that buying content is almost a third less expensive than outbound marketing.

3) People See More Ads Than Ever Before, and It Is Easier to Tune Them Out

In 2014, the average person was exposed to 5,000 ads per day, more than double what they saw 20 years earlier. Thanks to ad blockers, they now block out as many ads as they can.

4) More Than Half of Your Target Audience Almost Always Looks for Information Online

More than 50 percent of people ages 18-49 spend more time online than they do watching TV. Online, you can choose which information you access. Therefore, it is a worthwhile strategy to invest in content writers for hire, who will create eye-catching content.

5) Small Businesses That Buy Content for Blogs Are at a Clear Advantage

Having a blog is a reliable way to generate leads for your business. Small businesses with blogs get more than twice as many leads as small businesses whose websites do not have blogs.

6) Blogs Are Among the Best Influencers

More than three out of five people have made at least one purchase based on a recommendation they read on a blog.

7) Content Marketing Converts Leads into Purchases

Content marketing has a conversion rate six times as high as any other marketing method.

8) Content Creation Is the Best SEO Technique

Forget long-tail keywords. The best way to boost your site’s SEO rankings is to add new content on a continuous basis.

9) The More You Update Your Blog, the Better

The business websites with the best SEO rankings are the ones that update their blogs 16 times per month, about four times a week.

Buying content to update your blog continually is a sound investment for SEO and lead generation. Business owners rarely have time to write the most effective number of blog posts, so hire a content writing firm, like Compelling Content Solutions, to keep your blog up to date.