How Content Writing Companies Amplify Their Content

website contentContent amplification by content writing companies is a multi-faceted approach to content promotion and distribution that takes advantage of owned, paid, and earned media. It is designed to dramatically increase brand awareness so your business enjoys greater site traffic and considerably more revenue. Content amplification is not a quick fix with overnight results, nor is it an alternative to content creation. It is a long-term project requiring a willingness to keep trying until desired results transpire.

Let’s take a quick look at what goes into this online copywriting avenue:

Content Writing Companies Create Obtainable Goals

The first thing content writing companies do when amplifying a new client’s content is devising a list of obtainable goals. They ask questions such as:

“What do you hope to accomplish with this content?”
“What channels are accessible to you right now?”
“Which channels are working best with your site?”
“How do you want your target market to react to and use your content?”

Content companies use the answers to make assorted suggestions, such as starting an online conversation via email forwards, external links, and shares. If the goal is to increase brand awareness, these companies might suggest unique CTRs, brand mentions, and email subscription growth…and these are merely a few examples.

Customer Journey & Awareness Generation

The next phase of content amplification is diving into the customer’s journey and pinpointing what is working and what could use improvement, such as certain touchpoints that result in purchases. Understanding a target audience’s buying habits is key in increasing awareness via paid social media ads, remarketing, press releases and other digital coverage, and influencer marketing.

Consideration & Channel Selection

Considering which delivery channels provide target audiences with the value they want while still tying back to the brand is the next step utilized by content writing companies. Organic social, lead email marketing, and both programmatic and paid search are some of the top considerations. Once the best tactics are decided upon, it is time to choose among organic and paid channels…and enjoy the desired results.

Content amplification means using the right channels in the right way.

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