Content Marketing Statistics: The State of Agencies in 2019

seo copywriting content marketingMarketing agencies providing content for SEO and other related services regularly spout marketing statistics to their clients. And while knowledge of content marketing statistics is certainly impressive, do these agencies stand behind what they preach, and subsequently, put all that endless advice to good use? Let’s try to answer this important question by looking at the state of content marketing agencies in 2019.

Most Agencies Report To Be At A “Mature Phase” In Their Offerings

Content marketing agencies are in mature or sophisticated phases of their content efforts, according to recent research. Some 49% of agencies recently surveyed described their services as advanced, noting they provide “accurate measurements” and help their clients find success despite the ever-changing marketing landscape. Compare that to 21% of agencies who say they are in the initial or preliminary phases of their content marketing offerings.

These content marketing statistics indicate that agencies are providing their clients with a mix of online and traditional marketing means, resulting in more well-rounded advertising campaigns that pique consumer interest on all sides.

Less Than Half Have Figured Out How to Be Wildly Successful With Content

Not only do content marketing agencies view their services as sophisticated, they also report fantastic success among the brands they serve. Over 30% claim their agency’s approach to content marketing is “extremely” or “very” successful, while nearly 50% describe their advertising tactics as “moderately” successful. Those who say their services are “very” successful typically have outlined their content marketing strategies, which they use as the baseline for creating specific advertising plans for each brand.

Documentation equals accountability, something lesser agencies tend to ignore or blame on their affiliates. Agencies who create and provide niche services are the ones that last regardless of their size, as those who try to serve “everybody” often take on too much and get lost in the marketing mix.

The Storytelling Element is King

In today’s highly-competitive marketing world, telling a brand’s story is more important than ever. The brand story targets consumer emotions, something that always influences the buying process. Nearly 70% of agencies surveyed say they implement storytelling in their brand strategies, while a mere 10% say they do not. Both content marketing and paid advertising use storytelling elements, whether they come in the form of brand history videos, case studies, or team introductions.

Paid Content Promotions Are Important

More than half of agencies say they use paid content promotions to put brands in the minds of their target audiences. Sponsored social media content wins the paid content contest at nearly 80%, something evident by the endless “sponsored” posts consumers see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

Bigger Budgets for Content Are Forecasted

Today’s content marketing statistics also indicate means larger content budgets. Over half of the surveyed agencies expect their 2019 budgets to inflate compared to last year. They strongly suggest that brands put their marketing funds into quality content creation, as well as analytics and in-person events. This winning combination allows brands to serve their audiences with valuable content, keep up with what’s trending on the ground, and spread their message through events. At events, brands can put faces to names and provide incentives such as free product trials and exclusive member discounts.

Wrapping Up

The main takeaway here? Agencies believe in the power of content marketing, and keep refining it to make the biggest impact. We at Compelling Content Solutions second this takeaway and continue providing our clients with content that lands where it should: in front of target audiences. What can we do for your brand today? Contact us to learn more.