Why a Content Creation Agency Must Invest in its Own Content

writing web content creation agencyThink about the strategy you provide to your clients as a marketing agency, and now put yourself in their shoes. As web content providers, we know the importance of quality content, so why not put that investment into your own content creation agency? Many customers, both corporate and personal, will look through a agency’s blog before deciding if they’ve found the right fit. It isn’t enough to just have a killer landing page or pricing packages anymore—consumers are aware of just how important the quality of their content is, and only want to sign with the top web content providers.

Your Content is a Live Example of What Your Clients Will Receive

When prospective clients are looking at your content creation agency, you’re on display. They will critique every single blog post, article, service page, and everything else they can find. Prospects need to see live examples of the content they’ll receive, and there’s no place better to showcase that than your own blog.

One mistake web content providers make is making their content unattainable. Prospects want to be able to point, tell you what they want, and not hear that it’s your top-tier package or that it comes at your highest rate. Investing in your own content is crucial, but you have to be smart about it.

More Organic Results, Less PPC and Paid Advertising

You can spend all day long on the job hunt for prospective clients, with the hope your marketing strategy helps reel some of them in. PPC ads might get you a lead here or there, but they’re not providing the long-term result you need: Organic search results, and less cash flying out of your content creation agency bank account.

After all, you’re providing more organic results for your clients, and that’s working for them. Most of the time, we forget that we’re in the same game as our clients are—they need more leads, to scale their brand, and to see a viable ROI. Isn’t that what we all want?

You’re investing in your own content, and if you already have a qualified team of writers, you can streamline the process without making it painful. Since you’re already in the game, it’s easier to provide content for your agency, because nobody knows your needs more than you do and no one knows how to create content marketing strategy better.

First Impressions Are Made Online

We live in an era where we’re all hooked on our phones, but nobody wants to actually talk on them. Our digital era has made it far easier to give in to our anxiety and avoid actually speaking with people when possible. It’s why first impressions are being made online—you’re either appealing to a prospect or shooing them away without ever knowing who they are.

If I stumbled upon your blog, and the post doesn’t speak to my initial search, or doesn’t live up to the hype of those PPCs you’re still using, I’m going to be disenchanted pretty quickly. Boom. First impression gone, all because the page I landed on didn’t actually represent your agency properly.

Every page you have is another chance to bring in a client, if it’s done right. Every page can work against you, too, unless you have the proper content solutions.

Hire a Content Creation Agency Like CCS to Help Your Agency

Whether it’s landing pages, web pages or blog posts, our writers are ready to handle anything that comes our way. You have one shot to turn a potential client into a lifelong customer—it’s your job to get it right the first time. Contact Compelling Content Solutions today!