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Will Your Mobile Landing Pages Be Affected by Google’s Mobile-First Index?

Google’s Mobile-First Index is the search engine giant’s latest creation that has website owners and managers everywhere wondering what will become of their SEO. Those behind the one search engine to rule them all recently responded to the mass confusion from the index plan via several tweets; however, website owners are still befuddled about the[…]

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5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

Effective landing pages position well in search results, entice consumers to learn more or make a purchase, and ultimately play a key role in revenue generation. When it comes to building great landing pages, it’s all about conversion optimization. Increase your landing page conversion rate with these tips and tricks so you consistently realize high[…]

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Content Marketing for eCommerce Sites: What You Should Be Doing

Content marketing is an invaluable tool for any brand, whether the brand is a brick and mortar store, eCommerce site, or combination of the two. If your eCommerce site is finally up and running, help it get the attention it deserves with the right content marketing strategy. Use these tips in content marketing for eCommerce[…]

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Why the Best Converting Landing Pages Incorporate Video

When you think of the best converting landing pages, what comes to mind? Engaging, easy-to-digest content? Outstanding, high-res images? What about video? Many high-converting landing pages go beyond great text and images to incorporate videos. In fact, videos can increase landing page conversions by 86%. Take a moment to learn why you should start uploading[…]

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Website Content Analysis: How to Evaluate Content Performance

Even the most creative and optimized online content benefits from careful analysis. Website content analysis is critical in determining how your content strategy is benefiting the brand and what can be improved. Creating viable measurement practices for every program you launch includes tracking, reviewing, and adjusting your content scheme continually. Here are a few best[…]