How & Why Best Copywriting Practices Consider Readability

ebook landing page best copywritingWhen it comes to evaluating and measuring content, there are plenty of available tools and metrics. However, one of the most important aspects is often overlooked: readability. Best copywriting practices always consider how well you are engaging with your audience, which starts with using clear readability.

If what you are trying to say is too hard to grasp, people will be quick to click away. Is your content confusing? Which words are successfully communicating your message and which are discouraging engagement? Are you successfully encouraging your reader to keep reading?

Best Copywriting Practices Include Artificial Intelligence Tools

As technology continues to progress, artificial intelligence tools are able to test for content clarity and readability. While you look for a way to provide more interesting and engaging content, AI tools can help show what’s working and what isn’t.

Readers have very little tolerance for confusion. So, if the content isn’t clear, they are simply going to leave and look for what they are searching for somewhere else.

What Makes Readable Content?

Your readers perceive how clear your content is by how difficult it is to read. Attention spans are shorter, and readers would rather go elsewhere than try to decipher confusing or unclear content.

The Flesch-Kincaid score determines the readability of one’s content. By evaluating the length of sentences and syllables, the approximate grade level can be determined, which means the number of years of education required in order to understand the content.

What Grade Level Does Good Copywriting Target?

Successful copywriting typically targets someone who reads at a seventh or eighth-grade level. Even highly educated audiences, for example, prefer to read at a level that doesn’t require a lot of concentration or energy to decipher.

Writing with large words that have a lot of syllables is exhausting to read. Most readers prefer shorter words, shorter sentences, and shorter paragraphs.

Other Ways to Make Content More Engaging

Besides using simpler words and shorter sentences, for best copywriting results, use the active voice whenever possible. Using the active voice tells the reader clearly who is doing what.

The active voice communicates that the subject did the action. The passive voice, on the other hand, expresses that the subject was acted upon by the verb. Examples are:

  • Jenny wrote her term paper. (active)
  • The term paper was written by Jenny. (passive)

Tools for Successful Copywriting

Writers should be encouraged to always consider readability as well as their use of active voice before submitting their best copywriting pieces. Content audits should be a routine part of any content marketing strategy. This will help you analyze what content is working.

Audit tools, such as Grammarly, can help you to score content in order to try to determine what content styles are most engaging to readers. Use other technology, like Yoast, to audit your content automatically so that you can stay on top of trends and identify good copywriting.

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