4 Copywriting Tips to Keep Readers on Your Site Longer

Capturing the attention of sophisticated web users requires just the right combination of creative prowess and marketing genius. One of the most important aspects of the ‘creative’ element is compelling, well-informed copywriting, as it must engage your target market and inspire them to join your fold of loyal customers. If you feel your content marketing ideas are not as inspired as they should be, use these copywriting tips to up your content game.

Create Listicles

The human brain loves lists. They create easy-to-follow patterns, headlines that keep readers reading, and easily-digestible content. They also pique curiosity. When paired with robust content, listicles rank high for relevant keywords.

Copywriting tips for listicles: Use numbers or bullet points to craft content your users can read through easily. Also, ensure each point on your list offers the reader insightful, interesting information that provides value.

Pepper Long-Form Blogs With Quality Images

Writing long-form blogs are among the many content tips designed to capture the attention of a target market, especially those featuring at least 2,000 words. And while a 2,000-word blog has the potential to draw an audience, it nonetheless needs a little help. That help comes in the form of images, specifically high-quality images that dazzle. High-res images along with the occasional GIF or video pique consumer interest because humans are highly visual creatures. The more time visitors spend on your site reading an image-heavy, long-form blog, the more likely they are to see what else your web pages have to offer.

Copywriting tip: Add an image to every 200 words you write for best results.

Make Step-By-Step Guides

Step-by-step guides work almost as well as listicles when it comes to engaging target audiences, particularly when they’re accompanied by outstanding illustrative visuals. They show readers how to perform a task or create something new, which often results in more time on your website. If a reader has your guide up as a reference while tackling a project and completes the steps successfully, he or she may consider your site to be a reference worth using in the future.

Copywriting tips: Take the time to fully explain each step. Also, don’t forget to add illustrative images that provide readers with an idea of what the steps involve and how the finished product should look. And right up front, list all of the “ingredients” or items the reader will need.

Write a Compelling Call-To-Action

Our final copywriting tip concerns the oh-so-important call-to-action. Also known as conversion copywriting, call-to-action pieces should inspire a reader to keep reading or otherwise learn more about your products and services. Get readers to do what the landing page or other CTA content intends by performing in-depth keyword research first. Without keyword research, you’ll have a harder time writing about a subject readers care about.

Copywriting tip: Address readers directly with “you” language and focus on CTAs that benefit them in some way, such as obtaining an exclusive discount by entering an email.

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