3 Tips For Managing Freelance Content Writers

freelance content writersManaging freelance content writers does not have to be difficult. These are the folks working to provide your company or clients with outstanding content, whether in blog, press release, web page, landing page, product description, email, or location page form. So it pays to have a firm grasp on how and what they do. Though you may not always love what they churn out, a little management finesse goes a long way in shaping your content team.

Here are a few tips to more effectively manage your professional content writers:

Be Discerning with the Red Pen

It is often easy for those who have mainly stuck to editing instead of writing to get “red pen happy.” Some of these editors will change a sentence simply because they are sitting atop their editorial high horse, not because there was anything wrong with the sentence from a grammatical or structural standpoint. Or you may ask the writer to change one simple word, or add a comma — something that you could easily do yourself. If you’re looking to teach your content writer by providing editorial feedback, that’s fine and appropriate; but it doesn’t mean you have to ask them to go back and actually edit what could easily be edited by you and referred to in a simple note.

The easiest way to annoy freelance content writers is to get overzealous with editorial requests and revisions. Keep this in mind as long as you work with remote professional content writers, as it will prevent them from shaking their fists a whole lot.

Be Free with the Positive Feedback

As hard as freelance writers work, they often do not get a lot of feedback. No news is absolutely good news in the writing/editing world. However, it is important to provide positive feedback every so often. Many freelance content writers either receive negative feedback on things that need changing, or no feedback at all. Let them know you really liked their last landing page or blog, and they will really appreciate it and continue to work harder.

Give Your Freelance Content Writers Plenty of Time

Last-minute assignments cannot always be helped. However, if you are constantly springing day-of assignments on your writers, they might start looking elsewhere for work. Giving them at least two days’ notice of an assignment is strongly recommended to reduce the stress of everyone involved, since you do not want your writers saying no because they are already overloaded.

Keep these tips in mind to enjoy a happy writing team! At Compelling Content Solutions, we pride ourselves on keeping freelance content writers happy. We take the burden of managing content teams off your hands, so you can focus on your clients and customers.