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Why Content Writing Companies Ought to Focus on Customer Service

The most successful content writing companies are the ones that establish long-term working relationships with their clients. The writers are happy, the clients are happy, and the partnership is profitable all around. When possible, companies should invest their energy in retaining existing clients rather than constantly seeking out new ones. Here are some reasons why[…]

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How to Get the Best Online Copywriting from Your Content Team

One of the premises of the book Freakonomics was to challenge conventional wisdom about economic issues that received lots of media attention. According to Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the book’s authors, conventional wisdom begins when a presumably reputable person makes an assertion. Media outlets repeat that assertion without measuring any actual data themselves. And[…]

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How Content Writing Companies Amplify Their Content

Content amplification by content writing companies is a multi-faceted approach to content promotion and distribution that takes advantage of owned, paid, and earned media. It is designed to dramatically increase brand awareness so your business enjoys greater site traffic and considerably more revenue. Content amplification is not a quick fix with overnight results, nor is[…]

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How Can SEO Article Writing Attract Readers? 3 Helpful Tips

To many, SEO article writing is pretty much a task of keyword implementation…and that’s it. Yet, the best SEO copy is that which engages readers and keeps them entertained, in addition to proper keyword placement. If you are feeling stuck with your latest online copywriting endeavors, do not fret. Use the following tips to craft[…]