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4 Copywriting Tips to Keep Readers on Your Site Longer

Capturing the attention of sophisticated web users requires just the right combination of creative prowess and marketing genius. One of the most important aspects of the ‘creative’ element is compelling, well-informed copywriting, as it must engage your target market and inspire them to join your fold of loyal customers. If you feel your content marketing[…]

create website content using surveys

Using Surveys to Create Website Content That’s Share-Worthy

Hiring quality writers, using high-res images, and carefully implementing keywords are all vital components of great web content. Yet one of the easiest ways to create website content that becomes viral is with an original research survey. It helps generate content ideas that inspire external articles and links back to your website, so you enjoy[…]

psychology content copywriting skills

The Psychology of Content Marketing: 4 Tips to Improve Copywriting Skills

Psychological principles govern all successful marketing tactics because all purchases result from some combination of cognition and emotion. Hence, being aware of these principles is invaluable to marketing writing, whether you are crafting the latest blog, web page, social media post, email, or landing page. And don’t worry, using psychology to hone your copywriting skills[…]

mobile landing pages

Will Your Mobile Landing Pages Be Affected by Google’s Mobile-First Index?

Google’s Mobile-First Index is the search engine giant’s latest creation that has website owners and managers everywhere wondering what will become of their SEO. Those behind the one search engine to rule them all recently responded to the mass confusion from the index plan via several tweets; however, website owners are still befuddled about the[…]

landing page conversion rate

5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

Effective landing pages position well in search results, entice consumers to learn more or make a purchase, and ultimately play a key role in revenue generation. When it comes to building great landing pages, it’s all about conversion optimization. Increase your landing page conversion rate with these tips and tricks so you consistently realize high[…]