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Create Or Buy Content: Either Way, Here’s Why It’s Important

Content marketing is essential to increasing the visibility of your business, as well as customers’ engagement with it. Whether you buy content from a content marketing firm or hire a professional copywriter in-house, regularly producing new content for your business website is the only way to stay relevant in today’s market. More than half of[…]

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When Writing For SEO, Remember This Simple Content Formula

Building brand loyalty among customers is the goal of any content marketing campaign. One of the reasons customer loyalty is so elusive is that content marketing exists in a world of quick fixes and shameless attention seeking. Every brand wants its fifteen minutes of fame, and it wants them to begin before midnight tonight. In[…]

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Why Content Writing Companies Ought to Focus on Customer Service

The most successful content writing companies are the ones that establish long-term working relationships with their clients. The writers are happy, the clients are happy, and the partnership is profitable all around. When possible, companies should invest their energy in retaining existing clients rather than constantly seeking out new ones. Here are some reasons why[…]