May 19, 2014

Traditional Copywriting Services

Whether we’re establishing a company’s voice, launching a new product, or reinventing a branded image, at the end of the day, it all comes down to content and design. CCS can take care of the first half. We exclusively serve ad agencies in developing content for their clients, from creating billboard advertisements to writing copy for mid-size business’ brochures to creating product names and tag lines for a major brand launch. No matter the vertical, whatever the market, CCS can deliver on time, on budget, and ultimately to client satisfaction.

Ask the Right Questions. Answer with Engaging Content.

When developing content for a brand, no matter what the medium or marketing channel, it’s important to get a thorough sense of the branding image and to ask pertinent questions relevant to the strategy and the market. What does the company want to convey to its target demo? Is this a new message or a re-invigoration of a recurring campaign? Is the client happy with their current branding or are they looking for a fresh voice and/or a new audience? Whatever the answers to these and other important questions, a brand’s voice and message should be consistent across channels and collateral materials. That’s why theĀ professional writers at CCS take the holistic approach to brand development and works closely with the ad agency to assure consistency and client satisfaction.

Services Include Copywriting for:

– Company taglines
– Print Ads
– Display Ads & Billboards
– Brochures
– Postcards and flyers
– Commercials, Infomercials, & Videos
– Advertorials
– Press releases
– Various other marketing collateral

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