August 12, 2015

Professional Editing Services

Editing is a skill that requires a painstaking attention to detail, mastery of the English language, and devoted passion for the written word. If this doesn’t sound like you, than why risk editing important written documents on your own? Compelling Content Solutions specializes in all aspects of the editorial process. From providing quick proofreads to full line edits to rewriting materials from scratch, our knowledgeable editorial team can help improve nearly all your written work.

Overlooked punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes can be costly. After all, errors in a text damage an author’s credibility and hurt his/her reputation as a professional source. Don’t let avoidable mistakes devalue your ideas, products, or services. We can help you stay on course by providing professional editorial services to help you craft the perfect text.


Sometimes all you need is a final set of eyes on a document before it’s shipped off to the printer, published on a website, or read in a speech. Proofreading is the final scrub-down of a text before it’s ready to be used. At this stage, the text will be close to publishable and require very minor adjustments to punctuation, spelling, grammar, and format.


A good writer knows he’s only as good as his editor. If you’re working on a large manuscript, professional document, or other sensitive writing material, it’s important to have a copy editor on hand to ensure accuracy of ideas and concepts.

Copyediting usually includes more involvement from the editor, who will clean up syntax, pronoun agreement, bibliographies, and quotations in addition to basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Additionally, a copy editor will use a style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago) to standardize the text. Most writers are completely unaware of the painstaking details that go into finalizing a text—let Compelling Content Solutions worry about these details for you with their professional copy editing services.

Full Line Editing

When a text needs a lot of work, Compelling Content Solutions has specialized editors who can help. At this level, clients may encounter entire structural changes to text, heavily edited sentences, rearrangement of ideas, and new chapter titles and subtitles. While the changes may be small, they usually add up to an entirely new text featuring improved clarity and flow, better wording, elevated tone and style, and a more active voice.

In addition to heightening the quality of text, this level of editing includes important fact checking, as well as feedback designed to guide an author to convey his or her viewpoint, message, or story more clearly.

Before you go to print or publish on the web, it’s imperative to hire a professional editing service or an experienced copy editor to review your work. Your brand and your products rely on credibility—don’t let poorly written work represent your professional image. Contact CCS today for more on our editorial services.