March 30, 2014

Landing Page Writing Services

When marketing a growing company, the challenge of writing effective landing pages may sound no different from any other web site copywriting or the task of simply writing SEO pages in general. However, a website landing page is special, forcing visitors (on the verge of becoming customers) to focus on one aspect of your business. This is why having many powerful landing pages associated with each product or service can make such a huge difference in driving sales.

Put Our Expertise to Work

CCS understands the complex and subtle art of compelling potential customers to take that next step – following your call-to-action now that you have their attention. Most general web content writing services have little knowledge of the stages needed in marketing to customers amidst fierce competition. This is a delicate process of assuring the customer of results through a specific mechanism your company has to offer, taking the assurance to the next level, and knowing when and exactly how to further entice the customer through proven techniques.

If this process sounds complicated, the good news is that CCS has landing page writers who not only understand these techniques but also know how to employ them (and when) – instead of leaving your marketing campaign in the preliminary, most simplistic stages while your competition has moved on to a more sophisticated marketing effort. Our writers understand how to optimize each landing page to move visitors along toward the desired goal – to buy, to subscribe, to take action.

Bringing All Page Elements Together

CCS’s landing page writers are experts at delivering clear messages, using “you” language that is effective in persuading potential customers to take the next step – avoiding tangents or digressions that could cause you to lose a potential client. Clear and persuasive often means short, especially if you’re trying to convince a potential client to do something that may not cost anything, such as subscribing. However, we also understand that longer copy can work at the point when you are ready to close a sale, as long as it is tight enough to keep the web visitor’s attention, making it increasingly clear that the customer should act. Either way, our writers are extremely careful to keep paragraphs short and focused – no longer than five sentences apiece.

Of course, CCS also understands the importance of the context in which page visitors encounter this top-quality content. Therefore, due to the way in which visitors tend to skim, we understand that the most important points should often be highlighted with bulleting or by appearing at beginnings and ends of sections, paragraphs, etc. We also ensure that these messages are situated as part of a clean page, where calls-to-action and other key content elements are prominent, regardless of where on the page a visitor has scrolled.

In marketing your business, you already have many tasks to juggle. Each of your landing pages has one job – to drive revenue – and you can trust CCS to make sure that job is done right. Contact us today for pricing and a free trial assignment. That’s right, your first assignment is free!

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