May 23, 2015

Ghostwriting & eBooks

Many business owners would love to have some material that evokes their expertise in an industry and/or offers value-added information that complements their current products and services. That’s why high-quality, extremely practical, branded books and presentations are so valuable to any business or entrepreneur. Many businesses upsell eBooks or traditional books as part of their product line or even offer these materials to clients as a free incentive, bonus, or additional sales tool. However, most entrepreneurs don’t have the time, writing expertise, and sometimes even the subject knowledge to invest in writing long format content. That’s where CCS comes in! Our highly experienced and professional writers have helped clients large and small across a variety of industries produce long-format content, including e-books, research projects, grant proposals, and even traditional books for publication.

What’s Your Style?

Perhaps you want a short book espousing helpful, pragmatic tips for your clients when they make a large purchase. Or you want to be known as an expert in a particular field, and you need a book to go along with your sales presentation. Whatever the need, whatever the industry, CCS can deliver a ghost written long-form piece on time and on budget. We do all the research, compile the expert knowledge, write, edit, and deliver the content, while completely integrating, when applicable, your input and suggestions. After all, it will be your name and your brand on the material, and we want to make sure you’re proud to let this content serve as a calling card for your business.

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