May 19, 2014

Editorial Management Services: Building Teams. Delivering Content Strategy.

Large, ongoing orders or brands sometimes require teams of writers to deliver content. But what company or agency has time to hire and manage several writers, assure their content is proofed for errors, and ensure the copy is both engaging and strategy specific? In most cases, that would mean creating a whole new position at the agency, such as an editorial or copy manager. But with CCS, all that is taken care of. From recruiting to managing to delivery, CCS’ clients rest assured that every step of the copywriting process is carefully supervised and that all materials and orders are delivered on time and to spec. We’ve run teams from 2 to 20 writers, delivering weekly or daily content pieces. We’ve headed editorial departments for magazines as well as copywriting teams for large agencies. At CCS, no editorial job is too large and no detail is too small.

Copywriter Recruiting Services: In-House & Freelance

Looking to hire copywriters but not sure what to look for, how to screen, or simply don’t have the time? Let CCS do the leg work to find the right candidates for your agency. With our extensive connections to copywriters all over the country and a unique screening and testing process, we’ll filter out those writers who just won’t fit the bill and send along those who just might blow you away. Employing our recruitment services, agencies build fantastic rosters of copywriters and editors. Whether you’re looking for ongoing freelancers that you can count on or for in-house copywriters who can grow with the agency, CCS can help.

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