May 19, 2014

Digital Copywriting Services: Engaging. Relevant. Researched. Optimized.

From standard web pages to blogs, from product pages to landing pages, CCS is a one-stop shop for all agencies’ digital content needs. As a top shop in professional writing services, we work directly with SEO directors and digital marketing teams to develop online content strategies with the aim of increased web traffic and higher conversion rates. CCS has provided search optimized content for a variety of industry verticals and virtually every target market. Our team of digital copywriters has extensive experience in creating compelling and concise content to spark a reader’s attention and drive that reader through the conversion funnel. And of course, we’re well versed and up-to-date on the latest search engine parameters and best practices for search optimized content.

Robot-Human Marketing Symbiosis

Content for the web must be accountable and relevant to two entities. One’s a machine. And the other is a person. Digital content should be carefully written with keywords, links, and formats that search engines will place and thus rank for the targeted keywords. But the point is not just to get these pages to rank; rather, they have to be reader friendly as well. So how to combine keyword-focused strategy for search engine robots while maintaining ease-of-read and engaging content for actual humans searching those keywords? With CCS’ experienced and learned digital marketing copyrwriters, a site’s traffic is our specialty–and we know the only way to get them their is to first rank and then compel.

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