July 9, 2015

Article Placement, Brand Mentions & High-Quality Links

CCS’ Article Placement and Brand Mentions Program concentrates on developing high-quality, shareable content that integrates either a feature or a simple mention of your business and a link to your website in a natural, contextually relevant manner. The custom articles we create are then submitted for publication to influential online publishers such as Forbes or Fast Company to help our agency partners and their clients’ develop brand recognition, increase search rankings, and improve SEO value. These artciles include GUARANTEED placement in a publication of your choosing. Some of our publishing partners offer featured articles (about your brand or company specifically) or simply brand mentions (a mention of your company and link to your site). CONTACT US for more information or to get started!

Major Benefits

  • Get featured or mentioned as an industry expert in an article on a major web site
  • Get links to your site from high-ranking sites
  • Social sharing of blog posts to enhance SEO value
  • Add the publisher logo as “Featured On” in your web site

Publications Offered

We offer guaranteed placement in over 100 top-tier publications, such as Forbes.com, The Huffington Post, Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, VentureBeat, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, AdWeek, and many more.

SAMPLE: We got this “brand mention” article written and published on Forbes.com for an agency client who provides telemarketing and call-tracking services.


Pricing includes article writing, editing, and guaranteed article placement in the publication of your choice, including the brand mention and a link to your site. For a complete list of publications and pricing for article placement, please contact us today!