June 23, 2015

Book Publishing & Promotion

CCS has begun working with a stellar publicity firm that actually GUARANTEES their work, which is pretty unheard of in the PR world, especially at such an affordable rate. Please CONTACT US to discuss getting your book written and promoted to become a Best-Seller on Amazon.


  • Completed book (120-180 pages) by CCS professional ghostwriter
  • Interior book design
  • PDF Review prior to upload
  • Formatting (physical/softcover and digital)
  • ISBN # to be provided
  • Cover Design (digital and soft cover design)
  • PDF review of book design cover prior to approval
  • PDF review of book formatting prior to approval for printing
  • Twenty (20) printed copies for review prior to final approval of book printing
  • Set up author profile/ book page on Amazon
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Webpage on “Best Seller Publishing” Website


Launch of your book to Amazon best-­seller status.

  • Your finished book will receive at least seven (7) 5 star reviews prior to our launch
  • We will write and release three (3) nationwide press releases announcing your book
  • The book will then be launched on over 35 website properties via free and paid listings and advertised on Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages
  • Your book is guaranteed to be a top 10 Amazon Best Seller in its category.


DONE FOR YOU PR as below and Author coaching to focus on lead generation, speaking, marketing and business growth using the Best-Seller status.

  • Guaranteed: Six (6) placements over a 3 month period (minimum) on any of the following: television,radio,print publications, trade magazines, newspapers, podcasts, blogs, or industry websites, speaking engagements. This is provided that the publicist in charge has all necessary information from the client.
  • If we do not reach 6 placements in 3 months, we will continue our efforts, free of charge until placements are achieved. Our priority in placement will be based on your needs and desired direction. This will all be discussed with the publicist in your initial call.
  • Access to publicist library of recorded training – trainings includes (but is not limited to) Facebook lead generation, segment proposal creation, Landing TV and radio segments, speaking engagements (conferences, associations, private organizations), landing segments on podcasts, blogs and industry publications.


Includes entire package as listed above. Compare these prices to other Book PR firms that charge a minimum of $2500 a month indefinitely and makes no guarantees. Choose one of the options below.

Payment Amount # of Monthly Payments Total
 $                     15,000 1  $            15,000
 $                       7,500 2  $            15,000
 $                       5,000 3  $            15,000
 $                       4,000 4  $            16,000
 $                       3,500 5  $            17,500
 $                       3,000 6  $            18,000

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