Writing Web Copy To Creates Demand, Rather Than Just Identify It

content marketing tacticsWriting web copy that makes an impact is about more than simply identifying what consumers want from your brand. In fact, the best website copywriting creates demand. Perhaps one of the most well-known examples of this from recent history is the first iPhone from Apple. Legend has it the late Steve Jobs did not realize, or at least did not fully realize, that introducing the game-changing device to an enthralled audience in 2007 would create demand on a grand scale.

Yet creating demand requires more than churning out revolutionary products; brand marketing and website content must all converge around the mission of demand generation. Today, the buyer journey is more complex than ever since consumers are continually inundated with products from a variety of media sources, in addition to constantly reading or writing reviews and debating which rewards program to join. Demand generation is subsequently key to any successful marketing campaign and overall company growth. Marketing teams, therefore, keep putting serious effort into content optimization that results in persuasive, unique web copy that answers questions and piques interest quickly.

So how can you start writing web copy that creates demand? Let’s look at five tips that contribute to demand generation.

Tip #1: Use Content Marketing Throughout Every Stage Of The Buying Funnel

Provide consumers with unique and compelling content through each stage of the buying funnel. It’s no longer enough to reach out to buyers at the top of the funnel only; rather, it’s necessary to hold their interest with blogs, articles, case studies, emails, and other content that helps them hit that coveted “buy button” at later stages as well.

Tip #2: Experiment With Different Content Through Each Buying Phase

Blog posts are reportedly the content that captures buyer interest in early buying phases, followed by white papers in the middle stage and case studies in the last stages. The blog post sparks interest on a certain product, while the white paper and case study confirm why said product is a must-have with statistics and research. The idea is to reassure the consumer that the product (or service) is worth it.

Experiment with your buying funnel content, as a white paper may work at the top of the funnel, depending on the product or service, compared to a blog post. The idea is to match the content with the product/service at the right phase.

Tip #3: Track, Track, Track

Website traffic, audience engagement, and lead quantity make up the top three metrics that marketers rely on to determine their content’s effectiveness. Keeping up with how these metrics are performing makes fine-tuning your content considerably easier, especially if you create a measurement plan that satisfies both short- and long-term goals.

Tip #4: Research Personas

The best website content sections demand generation activities according to buyer persona. If this is something you don’t already do, now is the time to start since personas provide invaluable insights into how and when your audience makes purchases.

Tip #5: Create Leads Instead Of Audiences

Writing web copy that gains serious attention creates audiences instead of a few leads. Audiences are more than a bunch of people who may become buyers; instead, they become brand advocates and provide the key to generating demand in new viral and unusual ways.

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