How Web Content Marketing Differs From Blog Writing: 5 Factors

If you ask a professional blogger what he or she does on a daily basis, they could very well insist they’re engaged in web content marketing. However, many blog writing professionals do not perform a considerable portion of what content marketers do. So what makes content marketing so different from blogging, anyway?

Factor #1: Keyword Research

Bloggers, and most companies writing blogs for that matter, rarely perform proper keyword research. Content marketers perform such research on a regular basis, which includes both keyword planning and analysis, and then prepare a strategy for their writers who use it to write new posts. Brand bloggers and writers are usually given a set number of keywords to incorporate naturally into every post they create to help their clients rank higher for whatever terms make the most sense for the business. They also use keywords to create compelling headlines that grab their readers’ attention and encourage them to learn more.

Factor #2: Competitor Information

Web content marketing specialists research their clients’ top competitors, which naturally includes which blogs are performing at the highest level. They let brand bloggers know when to publish their posts, infographics, white papers, and case studies for more traffic and conversions.

Factor #3: Networking

Blogging pros are often cogs in the content marketing wheel, which means they seldom engage in networking opportunities. Content marketers, on the other hand, build relationships with influential bloggers within their clients’ industries to help them gain brand awareness through shares, retweets, guest blogs, and other means. Content marketers highlight similar brands through social media campaigns to get influencers’ attention before they ask about guest blogs or request other share-related moves. Bloggers, in contrast, typically have little to do with the networking process unless they are trying to promote their individual blogs.

Factor #4: Analytics

Yet another web content marketing service that bloggers do not participate in is analytics. Content marketers are constantly mining data to provide their clients with vital information, including how much their traffic and conversions have increased and where they stand in relation to their competitors. Analytics also let clients know when their target audience is most active and therefore more likely to purchase their products or services. The more clients know about how their site is doing, the more they can refine their social media posts, landing pages, emails, and other content so they are targeting the right consumers at the right time.

Factor #5: Starting Points for Web Content Marketing

For bloggers, their job is finished (at least for the day) when they publish their latest posts. For content marketers, the post is merely a jumping-off point from which they will create a new campaign. They leverage the post to gain as much attention for the client as they can, and may even use remarketing strategies to appeal to potentially-interested consumers.

Bloggers are simply members, albeit very important members, of any content marketing team. Know the difference when planning your strategy. Remember, the key to content marketing only begins with content… The marketing part is comprised of distribution, analysis, partnerships, and a multifaceted strategy carried out by various marketing wings.

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