How to Create a Simple Social Media Content Strategy

social media content strategyAny quality social media content strategy provides companies with an essential boost in brand awareness and customer interaction. Whether you recently hired a team of social media copywriters to help you devise a strategy for the first time or want to revamp what you currently have, read on. It’s not uncommon to have questions before marketing on a third-party consumer platform, especially since the rules, audiences, options, and value opportunities differ among channels. Establishing a simple, actionable plan that lets everyone on your social media team know when to post different content makes it clear what your objectives are. Use these tips to create a social content strategy you can rely on.

Remember To Be Precise

While you may think you need to post your content on all of your social media channels in an attempt to maintain or expand brand awareness, doing so isn’t exactly specific. This broad approach does not account for the consumers you will reach via each channel or how such an impact affects your business.

Your social media content strategy is part of a bigger content marketing strategy, so review each channel in light of your current marketing goals and your audience’s needs instead of plastering all your content everywhere.

Come Up With “Use Cases”

Each social media channel features a core community with certain engagement preferences. After you complete the aforementioned reviewing of each channel, come up with use cases that cite how the channels will benefit your brand or not. If captioned photos and memes are among your favorite social media content, for example, you might want to post on Instagram but not on longer-form content channels such as Medium or LinkedIn.

The following questions will help you determine which channels work best for you:

  • What kind of conversations does the channel regularly feature?
  • Do our personas align?
  • Why should our business use this channel?
  • What goals can we accomplish by creating social media accounts?
  • Will our content be praised as valuable and unique or dismissed as irrelevant and intrusive?
  • Do our competitors have strong followings on x channels?
  • Are our followers likely to adhere to our calls to action, such as subscribing, commenting, visiting our site, or sharing content?
  • How relevant are our topics to each audience?
  • What tone and voice is most appropriate for this platform?
  • How frequently should we post to each channel?

Keep Social Content Relevant

You’ll also want to keep consumer behaviors and audience trends in mind as well as current events. Gender equality, race, and diversity are among the most important U.S. media topics right now, and trending topics provide distribution opportunities. Belvedere Vodka’s “A Beautiful Future” campaign with Janelle Monae is a perfect example of using relevant cultural content that increases brand visibility and wins critical acclaim.

Wrapping Up: Create Your Social Media Content Strategy Plan

Now it’s time to create your social content plan. Remember, think about whom you will reach, your target marketing goals, the benefits of using each channel, featured topics and formats, the best times of day to post, and calls to action. Also, make efficient use of key performance indicators or metrics that measure your content’s performance in relation to your goals.

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