How to Promote Content: 7 Top Content Promotion Tools

writing a blog postOnce you produce outstanding content for your website, blog, email, or social media platforms, it’s time to promote it. But you’ll need to know what tools can help promote content to make the whole marketing process easier and more effective. Here are 7 content distribution tools that might fit your needs.

1. Quuu

Write a fantastic post and put it into Quuu for hundreds of automatic shares. This tool shares articles and blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so your latest work gets seen by more than a few people. If you’re wondering how it works, those interested in sharing content to maintain high-quality, non-bot, relevant social media pages sign up for the tool for free, while content producers pay to see their content on said pages. It works out extraordinarily well for both parties.


IFTTT is a content distribution tool that brings websites and apps together to automate with the best of ‘em. The letters stand for the concept of “if ‘this’ happens, ‘that’ should happen” in response, which in your case concerns content sharing. The tool is compatible with all major social media and blogging platforms so you can automate your content and advertise blogs on whatever platform you want.

3. Buzzstream

Buzzstream is a content marketing CRM that makes organizing your content a much simpler process. Use it to create contact lists for easier management without wondering if you sent the wrong email or duplicate emails to the same contact. With Buzzstream, you can send emails directly from the platform in addition to creating convenient templates and keeping track of who opens your messages and clicks your links.

4. Mailshake

Networking is an important ingredient in any marketing recipe, something Mailshake is great at helping with. This easy-to-learn tool allows you to craft and send customized cold emails in bulk directly from your account so you can reach hundreds of decision-makers in one sitting. The customization part comes via text replacement personalization and automated follow-ups based on the recipient’s actions, such as whether they opened the email or replied to it.

5. Medium

Promote content concerning virtually any subject with Medium, an open publishing platform. Repost content for free while enjoying posting to a blog shared by millions of other consumers and influencers…it’s like immediate access to a huge and varied audience.

6. Ahrefs

This outstanding SEO tool features the biggest database of indexed pages and links the ‘net has ever seen. In other words, it’s a link building must-have. Ahrefs allows you to dig through all the best info on your competitors’ backlinks and discover whichever ones are most helpful to your SEO efforts.

7. Zurb

Your subject line is your email bread and butter — if it’s less than engaging, your chances of getting an email opened shrink considerably. Zurb is a nifty tool that shows you how your subject line, as well as your pre-header text and sender name, appear on mobile devices.

Most of these tools are free or will do little damage to your marketing budget. Use them to promote content all day long and reap the rewards.

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