How to Boost Conversion Rates: 7 Things to Do Every Month

web content manager analyticsLearning how to boost conversion rates remains high on every online marketer’s list, as conversions generally lead to more revenue…and more loyal customers. Help your online marketing efforts by familiarizing yourself with 7 things you should do every month to enjoy more of those coveted conversions.

1. Take Advantage Of Your Lead Generation Tools

Use your lead generation tools to perform A/B testing as necessary. Test one type of marketing content at a time, such as landing pages, images, or headlines, and keep track of which do the best and why. Continue with those that perform well while also using them to inspire new content. That way, you’ll be able to keep providing your customer base with content they like and attract new leads.

2. Track Conversions That Result In Sales

Keep up with your analytics data to find what conversions lead to sales. Note the time of day the sales took place, as well as the week and anything else pertinent to the buying cycle. Find the content that piqued buyer interest and resulted in sales, such as a certain set of landing pages or blog articles. Such practices ensure you will use content that inspires landing page conversions.

3. Provide Content Incentives

In learning how to boost conversion rates, remember that incentives are marketing gold. Add incentives to your well-performing content to increase conversion rates, such as buy-one-get-one deals, free gifts with purchase, and exclusive discount codes. Consumers are always happy to support e-commerce businesses that pamper them with incentives, and they are more likely to remain loyal.

4. Review Your Competitors’ Strategies

Take a good, long look at what your competitors do to gain conversions. Rather than duplicating their best practices, take them a step further. For example, if your competitors offer free eBooks for opting in to email lists, you can offer a free ebook (or checklist) as well as 5% or 10% discounts for first-time shoppers.

5. Secure Customer Trust

Show your customers why they should trust you instead of telling them. Provide proof on your social media pages and official website with testimonials, guarantees, trust seals, and case studies. Large follower numbers on social media platforms also elicits customer trust.

6. Never Waste A CTA

Make every call-to-action a clear winner to compel your customers to learn more about why your brand rocks. Bright-colored, bold, easily-clickable CTAs in the middle of landing pages and blogs with captivating or perhaps humorous language generally spark consumer interest.

7. Eliminate Clutter

Keep your web and landing pages clean, simple, and visually engaging. Remove any clutter resulting in overly-busy pages that put consumers off or confuse them. Provide as few options as possible, such as signing up for your email list or viewing a specific product on your website, to encourage customers to take the next step towards sales.

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